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Introducing Cox Community Connections Referral Program. Make Referrals,Earn Rewards.

"I've helped my customers get Cox Video, Internet, Phone and Home Security they need!"

Refer to Cox Services!

Three easy steps:

  1. Talk to customers
  2. Submit referrals
  3. Earn rewards!

Refer Cox Services - Earn Rewards!

We Can Help You Refer Customers and Earn Rewards!

Introducing, the Cox Community Connections Referral Program.

Cox Home Security goes beyond the features available in traditional home security systems, allowing customers to protect their home and family like never before.

Now you can work with your Cox representative to offer your customers the opportunity to subscribe to Cox Home Security and award-winning digital voice and Internet services while earning awards deposited on your Cox Rewards card!

Participation is easy!

Your Cox representative will assist you with on-line enrollment. Once enrolled, referring is simple!

  1. Once enrolled, ask customers if they would like to learn more about Cox Services.
  2. With their approval, contact your Cox representative and a referral will be created on their behalf.
  3. Inform the customer that they will be contacted by a Cox Sales Representative.
  4. Once your first referral results in an installed sale, you will receive a Cox VISA® Debit Rewards Card with award deposits. You will continue to receive awards monthly as your referrals convert to sales!
  5. You can check on your referrals by calling your Cox Representative.

Award Amounts:

You can earn $50.00 for each Home Security installation and $12.50 for each new Cox Residential Internet, Voice and Data Service added to the customer’s account.

Cox Home Security includes:

  1. Remote access via mobile devices
  2. Lighting and thermostat controls
  3. Cameras with live and recorded video for ultimate peace of mind
  4. 24/7 professional monitoring
  5. Free cellular backup

Want More Information?

Please see the Program Terms and Conditions for complete details!


Contact your Cox Representative or e-mail us at

Enroll with your Cox representative and begin earning rewards today!